Events at Gracelife Foundation

Here you can find planned events at Gracelife Foundation that you can register and participate

15 Oct, 2023

Cancer Run

Cancer awareness in Zimbabwe, as well as in other regions of the continent, falls short of the necessary prominence. The Cancer Run aims to generate funds for conducting cancer awareness initiatives in underserved communities throughout the country.

23 Nov, 2023

16 Days Against Gender Based Violence

As Gracelife Foundation, we are dedicated to the fight against gender based violence. In that same spirit, we will be holding a 16-day online awareness blitz against GBV on our social platforms

1 Dec, 2023

World AIDS Day

At Gracelife Foundation, we are committed to expressing our solidarity with individuals living with and impacted by HIV, while also honoring the memory of those we've lost to AIDS. The disparities that contribute to the AIDS epidemic are not insurmountable; we have the capacity to address them.